How to earn billions on call centers, how to improve performance of 2,500 employees, and how will the outsourcing sector develop in Russia in the years ahead?

Guest: Denis Sadovsky, CEO, Telecontact Russia.

Presenters: Dmitry Charikov, CEO, Plantronics, Russia and CIS, Vice President of National Call Centre Association, Vassiliy Bogdanov, General Producer of TV channel "ABOUT BUSINESS"

Руководитель колл-центра в Казахстане
Tatyana Saifarova – CEO, Telecontact Almaty

Started her career in the Company as a Project Manager in 2014. Since 2016, she had been holding the position of Commercial Director. Since April 2017, she has been holding the position of CEO at Telecontact Almaty.

Achievements as Company CEO:

- opening of the second working space (2018);

- two-fold increase jobs (from 154 to 320);

- increase in staff from 180 to 430 people;

- rise in the Company's turnover by 2.2 times